Everything we make at Queen Arepa is 100% gluten free

AREPAS (ahray-pahs) are warm savory bread pockets made from ground corn flour
Queen Arepa serves them Venezuelan style stuffed with a choice of delicious homemade fillings.

La Vaca Real (beef)
Delicious slow-cooked marinated beef shredded & cheddar cheese

Rumbera (pork)
Oven roasted pulled pork with sweet and citrus flavours & cheddar cheese

La Reina Pepiada (chicken)
Slowly braised chicken, shredded & served with avocado & lime

Vegetarian Arepa with black beans & fresco cheese (vegan choice)

Veggie Pabellon
Our vegetarian arepa with black beans, plantain & fresco cheese (vegan choice)

TEQUENOS (te-ke-nyos) Venezuela cheese sticks 6pcs
A rich corn dough crust wrapped around queso fresco (fresh white cheese)

EMPANADAS (empahna dah)
Fried cheese stuffed corn pockets, also beans (vegan) or chicken empanadas

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